Frank Taney Provides Legal “Assist” to Drexel/UArts Summer 2014 Entrepreneurship Program

Assistance Involved Individual Consultation and Group Q&A Session and Presentation

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – September 28, 2014 – Frank Taney, principal of Taney Legal LLC, counseled and lectured to the Drexel/UArts Summer 2014 Entrepreneurship Program participants on July 15 and 24, 2014.

The Program is being jointly conducted by Drexel University’s Westphal College and Close School and the Corzo Center at UArts, with additional funding from the Knight Foundation.   The six week competitive Program offered ten students and alumni from Drexel and UArts the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills in aid of their creative arts related business ideas.   Program participants received a $3,000 stipend as well as instruction from faculty with expertise in a wide range of substantive areas applicable to the participants’ business ideas. Further descriptions of the Program are set forth at  and  Taney is one of the Program’s faculty members.

Part of Taney’s assistance to the Program included one on one individual counseling sessions with each program participant.  Taney also conducted a group Q&A session in which Taney provided answers to all of the participants’ legal questions, which ranged from issues of contract law, intellectual property, entity selection and formation, and liability considerations arising from the nature of the participants’ business plans.

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