What Clients Are Saying

I judge expertise by the ability to efficiently convey an accurate understanding to an inexpert audience, without suppressing the subtleties or avoiding areas where even experts do not have clarity. Frank has repeatedly demonstrated such expertise in consultation on matters related to technology licensing and other areas of intellectual property law for the benefit of both NextFab and our members.  His expertise is paired with remarkable generosity, and his pro bono consultations, lectures, and workshops have benefited hundreds at NextFab alone. He’s an inspiration and I’m grateful to know him.

Frank has served as counsel through three different companies I have started, seeing two of them from inception through sale. His ability to navigate the waters of the cutting edge of technology, while relating to the law, is unparalleled. I always consult with Frank, and not mainly for legal issues: he is a sharp business mind and is a great person to bounce ideas off of. Most importantly, Frank always makes time for his clients, and his ability to think on his feet and adapt is simply unrivaled.

Frank Taney has been instrumental in the evolution of UpStreme Inc. over the past ten years. Despite being a small boutique management consulting firm, we provide guidance to some of the largest firms and government agencies in the world. In addition to providing expert legal guidance to our firm on issues ranging from contracts, IP, and international affairs, Frank has been a sounding board on critical operational issues, as well. Frank’s counsel has always provided a balance of understanding & application of the law, the practical nature of operational delivery, and the financial challenges facing firms that operate around the world.

I had the pleasure to work with Frank for several years while at a startup. He always went the extra mile for us. He tried not to over bill, and I found him to be a thoughtful and valuable partner. He’s someone you want in your corner.

  • Giff Constable, President & CEO, Neo

Frank has worked with my company since 2008 and has been on board as we have undertaken highly innovative projects in virtual worlds and robotics—projects that have presented significant legal and business challenges as well as technological ones. In this milieu, intellectual versatility and a mind for the business objectives are baseline talents, and Frank’s approach has always been to make our legal strategy into something that dovetails with and supports the business and technical strategy. He has a way of approaching legal issues that is proactive rather than reactionary, which is exactly as it has to be in our field. He is also very good at assembling talented people for specific tasks that need to be completed quickly.

Frank Taney is a talented, informed and resourceful lawyer, able to make the complex easy to understand and willing to take the time to listen to a problem and then to explain options. Working with us in the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy, he’s supported the next generation of creative entrepreneurs – many with no legal or business background – and provided true (and generous) support to them as they developed their business ideas. His range of legal talents and experiences is impressive — contract law, intellectual property, technology, and business development, as well as litigation – and he always seems ready to make his talents available. The creative community has learned to rely on him. I know I have.

Frank took the time to get to know our company to understand what we value. He has been a great partner in helping us navigate issues while taking into account the way we want to run our business.

I’ve been working with Frank for the past several years and always appreciate his promptness, detail and doing everything to provide the best results. I always think to check with Frank for any new venture, launch, contracts, and legal advice!

Frank Taney is our primary counsel. He is a skilled attorney and a trusted advisor to the company on a variety of legal matters. As a small business operating in many states, we frequently face complex disputes and claims that have the potential to distract the company from our business priorities. In addition to his legal acumen, Frank understands our business as well as the entertainment and sports industry in which we compete. It is this combination of skills and his business savvy that separates Frank from other lawyers. He appreciates the importance of putting our company in the best position to resolve disputes and reduce the disruption to our business and employees. This quality work is performed at a cost that is reasonable and significantly less than the big law firms. I highly recommend Frank.

Frank has helped me in a significant way with two of my ventures. In one instance, he quickly sized up a complicated situation and acted forcefully and precisely to prevent a festering dispute from derailing the company. As a result, we were able to grow the company and achieve a successful exit. For the other, he guided us through formation and governance issues, and created the contracts and conducted the negotiations that allowed us to profitably do business in the United States and overseas.